A Visit to Daytona Beach

One Night on Daytona Beach

In late Spring 2007, we made a trip to Central Florida. This is where Jerry is from so we were going to visit some relatives and also go to Disney World and Daytona Beach. Jerry has been to Daytona Beach numerous times and has fond memories of the boardwalk, the pier and cruising up and down the water's edge (yes, you can drive on the beach). Sadly, some company had been buying up and demolishing all the businesses along the boardwalk so the landscape was drastically different. Where once thriving businesses were was now vacant lots. Where cool little shops used to be, was now an ugly mega-mall structure. What a shame. We will never go back.

Below are the few pictures we took while there. This was only an overnight stop as there really wasn't any reason to stay.

Jerry and his son, Robby.

Jerry and Cynthia

Jerry writing "I love you Cynthia" in the sand.

The only small beach side motel left near the boardwalk.

The sunrise was still beautiful.

Early morning PT.