Wind Cave National Park

A Cave... with wind.

July 2014 was when we did our massive 22 state, 15 national park road trip. We stayed 2 nights in Rapid City, SD to give us time to see all the things we wanted to see in the area. One of those things was Wind Cave National Park. Now Wind Cave National is arguably the most boring of all the National Parks. It is a cave... with wind blowing through it. This park requires a lot of walking which is something Jerry cannot do, so we did not actually go down into the cave.

We took a handful of pictures at the entrance and in the lobby. All the good stuff was in an area you had to pay to get into so keep that in mind if you visit here. We made the trip out just so we could say we had been to this National Park, not to actually go in it. If you can walk, then by all means tour the cave.

Here are the pictures we took while at Wind Cave National Park.