Fewer excuses...   more adventures.

We are Jerry and Cynthia. We do our best to not lead a humdrum life. We have ridden scooters to all 67 counties in Alabama, the full length of the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive, the full length of the Gulf Islands National Seashore and also all over the Rio Grande Valley.
Our goal is to visit all of the lower 48 states. We're not sure when we'll get this done, but Lord willing, we'll make it to every state except Alaska and Hawaii. Sorry, but the road to Alaska is a little rough and Uncle Sam hasn't built a bridge to Hawaii yet. :)

Who are you people?

We're Jerry and Cynthia...

We're just 2 ordinary people (depending on who you ask) who are not about to let age or disabilities prevent us from seeing as much of this great country as we can.

When we are on our deathbed, we do not want to lay there with regret. We want to look back and give thanks to the Lord for all that He allowed us to do.

They see me rollin'...

Ever wonder why you rarely see a picture of Jerry in his wheelchair? Thankfully, he is able to walk short distances so he will get out of the chair for every photo that he can. He thinks it just makes for a better picture. :)