Boots and Gloves

Riding GlovesIf you ever crash, the natural reflex is to catch yourself with your hands. A good pair of riding gloves with reinforced knuckles and palms are a must. Full fingered protection is best but there are other options as well. I wear short gloves during the summer months and I wear gauntlets in the colder months. Gauntlets provide more protection regardless of the temperatures, so don't think they are just for winter riding. You can browse a huge assortment of riding gloves here.

As far as footwear goes, reinforced toes and ankle protection are the top priorities. Motorcycle specific riding shoes/boots are best but any rugged shoe with ankle protection is better than tennis shoes. Never, ever ride barefooted or in flip flops.

Rain Gear

If you ride frequently, you will eventually get caught in the rain. We always carry our rain suits with us, they stay on the bikes all the time. You can always hope that there will be an overpass you can duck under, or a service station with a covered island, but you never know when the rain will come. We use the Nelson-Rigg Storm Rider SR6000 rain suits and rain boot covers.

We've had great success with Nelson-Rigg gear over the years so that is why we chose these rain suits. They look good, they don't leak and they are easy to put on and take off. You can read more about these rain suits on this page.

Nelson-Rigg SR6000 Rain Gear

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