2001 Toyota Sienna XLE Minivan

Jerry uses a wheelchair part of the time so we needed a vehicle capable of carrying his power wheelchair. A "real" wheelchair van is just not within our budget, so we picked up a used Toyota van and had a lift installed in the back. We had to remove the 3rd row seats but they go in and out fairly easily. This 2001 van only had 79,000 miles on it when we bought it in early 2012. We were stunned to find a vehicle that old with so few miles on it.

Toyota Sienna XLE

Even though the van is over a decade old, it is still very nice. The XLE model was the top of the line so this van has leather seating, power seats and every other option you'd expect to find. We got a good deal on the van and it has been a very reliable vehicle for us. The only money we have spent on it is for regularly scheduled maintenance items. As of this posting (December 2013), the van has 97,500 miles on it. The life expectancy of these vans is well in excess of 200,000 miles so we aren't quite to the halfway point yet.

The wheelchair lift is a Backpacker model that will lift up to 300 pounds. It has a wired remote control that will raise and lower the chair, we just have to drive the chair onto the lift and fold the backrest down. The VA provided the lift for us and we are so thankful for that! We also have a folding manual wheelchair, but we keep that in the trunk of the car.

The van gets about 25 MPG and is great for carrying the power wheelchair around. It has a very nice ride and all the comforts you would need in a vehicle.

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