Kymco USA

2012 Kymco Like 200i Scooter

When we need to go somewhere where speeds over 55 MPH aren't needed, and when we would like to get 80 MPG... then the Kymco scooter is what we take. It will carry both of us at the same time without a problem but for more comfort and flexibility while riding, going solo is more fun. Kymco is a Taiwanese brand with a very strong reputation for quality. Please don't confuse Taiwan quality with mainland China quality (or the lack thereof)!

Kymco Like 200i

The Kymco Like 200i has a smooth-shifting CVT automatic transmission, a 163cc, SOHC 4-Stroke engine with EFI, front and rear disc brakes, speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge & clock, under seat storage, helmet hook & top storage box and a great 2 year limited factory warranty. The Like 200i is available in three classic colors: black, red and ivory. The Like 200i LX model is available in a 2 tone blue/white scheme.

When searching for a scooter, we looked at all the major Japanese brands and a few others that have reputations for high quality products. We all know you can't go wrong with a Honda, but the low price and high quality of the Kymco bikes really sealed the deal. We got a great bike at a great price and have really enjoyed owning and riding the Kymco.

We bought ours for MSRP plus TTL. We NEVER buy anything if the dealer charges a freight charge, prep fee, shop fee or doc fee. If the dealer refuses to waive those fees (or reduce the price to absorb those fees) we walk away.

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